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Get the Variety of Things at Addu City
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Get the Variety of Things at Addu City

Addu City has the distinction of being the most southern settlement in the whole Maldive archipelago. This location is really one of a kind because of its rich history and breathtaking vistas. Not just because of its intriguing history as well as its lovely environment and sounds, Addu is an absolute must-see. A trip to this planet will be memorable for a number of reasons, not the least of which is Addu's distinctive culture, language, and cuisine.


It is also a site where it is possible to experience the best of both worlds since the level of living and the standard of luxury that is both provided here are harmonious complements to one another and are offered here. You've found the appropriate place to stay in the Maldives if you want to avoid the monotony of a normal resort and spend your time instead discovering the natural beauty of the islands' land and seascapes.


Should you still want more persuasion, allow us to advise that you spend your next holiday in Addu City, which is the southernmost city in the Maldives.


Covid Restrictions at Adu Nature Park


Although there are no known cases of Covid-19 in Addu nature park at this time, park officials advise visitors to take precautionary measures like covering their faces and maintaining a safe distance from each other.
The Addu Nature Park is home to the country's biggest lake and several species of both migratory and resident birds. Its untouched beauty may be seen by taking a buggy tour of the whole preserve, and cyclists can hire bikes to ride the preserve's trails at their own pace.


What Makes Addu City Famous:


Addu City is broken up into six different neighbourhoods or districts. They are Hithadhoo, Maradhoo-Feydhoo, Maradhoo, Feydhoo, Hulhudhoo and Meedhoo. These distinct parts are islands in and of themselves, despite the fact that they are connected to one another in significant ways. The Addu Atoll is home to a number of islands, each of which is completely barren of humans. It is commonly known that sailors from Addu, both on land and on their ships, had remarkable seafaring skills. Trading goods such as coconuts and toddy-based sweet savouries were often carried to far-flung places such as Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia, and even China using wooden sailing boats crafted by the Addu people. These boats were used to go across the Indian Ocean.


History Behind Addu City


Addu City is made up of the Maldives' earliest and oldest inhabited atoll, and it is composed of six different neighbourhoods in total. Before the year 2000 B.C., there is archaeological evidence indicating that people lived on the island of Meedhoo. In 1942, British Royal Navy aircraft took off from a facility on Gan Island, which was located close to Addu City.


The old Army Hospital is currently used as a diving centre, and the airstrip that was once used by the RAF has been transformed into Gan International Airport. Equator Village is a hotel that is located on the spot that was formerly occupied by the RAF mess and barracks. Guests at the hotel come from all over the globe. Visitors to the central business district of the city get the opportunity to witness an antique cinema theatre as well as British weaponry that was stationed at strategic locations during the conflict.


What language do people in Addu speak?


This atoll's inhabitants speak a variant of Divehi called Addu bas, which is distinct from mainstream Divehi. Similarities to Fua Mulaku Mulaku bas may be noticed.


Once upon a time, all literate islanders throughout the three southern atolls spoke Addu as their native language. However, times have changed. As a consequence of this, the Addu bas would be used for communication between, for example, a resident of Huvadhu and a resident of Fua Mulaku. The Addu bas dialect is the language that is spoken the most often and is understood by most people in the southern Maldives.

Although Male was the word that was used by the legal government, the separatist administration of the United Suvadive Republic (Suvadives) always referred to itself as Male in all of its official communications.


Easy Getting to Addu City


Within close proximity to Gan International Airport, the Royal Air Force of the British Army has operated a facility in Addu City continuously since the 1950s. The airport facilities have been renovated and expanded to cater to the requirements of both the inhabitants and the visitors. Maldivian, which is our country's national airline, travels to Addu City every day, whereas Manta Air, which is a commercial airline, goes there once a week. In addition, Addu City is accessible through direct international flights from a number of other airports.


The exact centre of the equator


You have not made a mistake in your reading; Addu City is precisely on the equator. As a result, I want to wish everyone who is going to Addu the best of luck. In point of fact, if you reserve a night at the nearby Equator Village Hotel, they will provide you with a certificate to celebrate the fact that you have successfully crossed the equator.


Staying Options at Addu


You have the option of staying in Addu City for as much or as little time as you choose, and throughout that time, you will have access to a plethora of exciting attractions and breathtaking natural areas. The city has a total of three resorts, sixteen beds and breakfasts, and one hotel from which visitors may select. The lodgings here are all unique from one another, yet regardless of their differences, they are all capable of meeting your requirements. Hotels in Addu City provide a selection of meal options, ranging from bed and breakfast to all-inclusive, in addition to excursions and activities that are catered to the individual interests of each visitor.


The Addu Nature Park


Just outside the city limits of Addu is where you'll find one of the most breathtaking panoramas in all of the Maldives. The stunning view of this area is largely attributable to the presence of extensive mangrove ecosystems, green flora, and a diversified environment. One of these locations is the Addu Nature Park, which includes both the Koattey protected area on Hithadhoo island as well as the Eydhigali Kilhi wetlands as part of its boundaries. Koattey, which derives from the Dhivehi word meaning "fortress," is an appropriate name for this flourishing region. Rent a buggy and drive around the park's paved roads and piers, go canoeing in the "Bedhi" bay region, which is home to spectacular red mangroves, or just meander along the paths and take in the view. All of these activities are available at the park.


Observing various wild creatures in Addu nature park


Individuals who get a kick out of seeing birds in their natural environment will be in avian heaven at Addu nature park. It is true that many migratory birds do not choose to make the city their permanent home; nevertheless, there are those that do make the decision to do so. When exploring the several neighbourhoods of Addu, either as a tourist or a resident, there is a good chance of seeing a large number of different kinds of birds. It is possible to see a vast variety of uncommon birds at various times of the year in Addu, particularly in the Koattey region, which is home to more than 28 different bird species as well as many other kinds of animals. You could feel more connected to the natural environment after spending the night in this Addu nature park. The little seabird known as the White tern (Gygis alba), which is sometimes referred to as the Dhondheeni, calls Addu Atoll it's home. It is possible for you to witness these lovely birds everywhere inside Addu City.



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Plenty of shark references and deep dives


Addu nature park is the ideal location for those who like water sports such as scuba diving and snorkelling. Due to the fact that there are so many distinct ecosystems to investigate, Addu is a fantastic location for engaging in water activities such as scuba diving and snorkelling. Divers who explore the waters of Addu may come across a variety of marine life, including coral reefs, manta rays, sharks, and even miniature seahorses. Near Addu City is where you'll find the British Loyalty Wreck, which is the largest shipwreck in all of the Maldives. Even though it can take you a quarter of an hour to get here, the time is well spent. Hard corals with eye-popping hues, enormous manta rays, sharks, and a plethora of other pelagic species are all able to be discovered in this region.


Districts to Explore at Addu


The six different districts that makeup Addu may be navigated and experienced in a number of different ways because to the fact that they are all linked. There are several other ways to navigate the city, including using hired automobiles, bicycles, and tour buses. The transition from one location to another has, from the beginning on, been a breeze. Let's say you've decided to spend your vacation in the Addu nature park region at one of the area's resorts. Simply get on a speedboat to travel to the city, rent a motorcycle to explore the city's numerous neighbourhoods, stop for a meal at one of the city's many excellent restaurants, and snap as many photographs as you want of the breathtaking landscape along the way. Addu nature park is a pleasant and inexpensive way to experience a city whose residents are well-known all over the globe for their warm welcome.

Be a Paying Guest With Local Families


For around three hours, visitors visiting Addu have the opportunity to experience authentic Adduan culture by staying in a guesthouse run by a local family. The hosts encourage guests to watch the members of the family go about their everyday activities and invite them to join them for a meal or a snack just as they would do with any other guest that comes to the house. You can always depend on an Adduan to live a pampered and extravagant existence.


Cuisines at Addu


You will be able to choose from a large variety of traditional meals at Addu, each of which is prepared using components acquired from the surrounding area. At their restaurant, guests may choose from a variety of delectable options, including sweet and savoury treats as well as curries made with coconut. The dish known as Addu Havaadhu is a local speciality that is renowned all across the Maldives (curry mix). This is a simple spice blend that can be used on chicken or tuna, and it pairs well with rice or some pita that is thin and soft. Addu bendi, a snack made from the flesh of young coconuts, is another dish that you just must have. Some of the other snacks and meals that are available in Addu are fascinating enough that they deserve to be tried. You can't say you've experienced Addu unless you've had a king coconut at a Gaadiya (local mobile food and drink stall). The Gaadiyas have a wide variety of snacks available, including both salty and sweet options.


There are ten incredible reasons why you should go to Addu nature park, all of which are described above. When there is so much to see and do in the Maldives' southern centre, it would be a waste of time to spend it doing nothing more active than lounging on the beach.


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