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Baros Island Offers Everything to Make up your Trip
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Baros Island Offers Everything to Make up your Trip


Baros is a small island in the Maldives, a country in the middle of the Indian Ocean.


We would like to extend to you a warm welcome to the natural paradise of Baros island, which has a verdant island canopy and is just 25 minutes away by speedboat from the international airport in the Maldives. Because of its advantageous position, Baros can be reached in a short amount of time. Since 1973, we have taken pleasure in playing host to guests, and over the course of the last four decades, we have devoted countless hours to improving our accommodations and sprucing up our surroundings in order to develop what we believe to be a world-renowned resort.


How do you get to the Island of Baros?


You should go to Male if you have an obligation to go to Baros Island and are seeking the point of contact that is closest to you and that is both the most practical and the most well-known. Transferring passengers to and from the island is accomplished with the assistance of a motorboat ferry service that operates often between the Male International Airport in Male and the island. The duration of each trip is close to twenty-five minutes, and it is utilized to transport passengers. The city of Male is home to the airport.


How much is the area of the island of Baros?


The 75 bedrooms of the Baros Maldives are available in a variety of layouts, ranging in size from 89 to 1,325 square feet, and may accommodate guests in a number of different ways (958 to 14,262 square feet).


There are a total of 75 individual villas on the site, each of which has lavish amenities as standard, including wine chillers, yoga mats, and attentive villa hosts. The Deluxe Villas are private thatched bungalows that are located only a few feet from the water's edge, while the Baros Villas have a four-poster bed and a private sun terrace that views out over the ocean.


What are the means of accommodation at Baros Island?


Baros Island is a resort island, and as such, it has its very own resort hotel, which is named after the island itself in a manner that is both fitting and suitable. The resort is a shining example of hospitality and other ancillary services, and it is responsible for providing a significant boost to the tourism sector in the nation by attracting a large number of visitors to stay there. This boost has been provided because the resort is a shining example of hospitality and other ancillary services. Guests are welcome to take advantage of the resort's simple travel and stay packages, which offer possibilities to hike around the surrounding natural scenery and engage in other forms of sightseeing. The Villas at Baros in the Maldives is a great example of a resort island because of its location and amenities.



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Things you can do when on the Island of Baros:


The island has a wide variety of activities that may be participated in during one's spare time, despite the fact that its primary purpose is to serve as a vacation spot for visitors. Here is a rundown of the most well-known of them all, in no particular order:


Snorkeling at Baros is really fun!


Baros Maldives is generally regarded as being among the best resorts in the Maldives for snorkeling, so it's no surprise that this aquatic sport is one of the most popular things to do there. Due to the close proximity of the reef to the little luxury island, it is possible to go snorkeling only a few meters from the shore or straight from your water villa. This is made possible by the fact that the reef is so close to the island. The breathtaking house reef encompasses the whole perimeter of the island on all sides.


Snorkeling is a popular pastime in the Maldives, and many people believe that Baros Maldives offers one of the best environments in which to partake in this sport. Because the breathtaking house reef is just a few minutes' swim from the beach or your water villa, the teeny-tiny luxury island is an excellent location for snorkeling excursions.


Never Miss a Dive When at Baros.


Those who are interested in having fun but do not have the knowledge necessary to do so do not need to be concerned because there is an introductory dive course that can be taken in the lagoons of the island, and it comes with a certified diving teacher. Those who are interested in having fun but do not have the knowledge necessary to do so do not need to be concerned. In addition, the training for scuba diving may be upgraded continuously until the student achieves the Open Water Diver Certification, which is acknowledged as valid certification for scuba diving wherever in the world.


As you explore the ocean below with a dive master, you'll get valuable insight into the marine world and into yourself. You may tailor a diving or snorkeling excursion to your own interests and requirements by selecting from among 30 breathtaking dive sites and a small selection of private boat rides to remote sandbanks and breathtaking snorkeling spots.


Take a Tour to Marine Center: Have fun


The Resort Island is also home to a Marine Center, which gives guests the chance to get a comprehensive understanding of the ocean and all of the complexity that it entails. This institution, in line with the Marine Centres Coral Planting Project, has a program that gives guests the opportunity to feel a sense of ownership over coral reefs and to make a financial contribution to the reefs' conservation and upkeep. Visitors who make a gift will receive, on a biannual basis, a photograph of the coral that they have "adopted" as a token of appreciation for the financial support they have provided.


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Water sports at Baros are a genuine thrill!


In addition to its position as a well-known location for tourists to visit, the island of Baros offers a wide variety of interesting water sports to people who are interested in getting their fill of adventure while also having a good time. These locations provide a wide variety of recreational opportunities, including waterskiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, and canoeing, to name just a few. Canoeing may also include the use of a glass-bottomed canoe, which enables visitors to see the marine life immediately below them as they paddle. This kind of boat is becoming more popular. You will enjoy it!


Stargazing From Water Villa Deck is so romantic


Guests staying at Baros Maldives have their pick of a wide choice of beachfront and overwater villas, some of which come equipped with private pools.


When the sun has set and the sky has grown clear, you may relax on the deck of your water villa and take in the beauty of the starry sky above by laying down on your own deck and watching as the night progresses.


During your exploration of the night sky, keep an eye out for satellites, falling stars, and the Milky Way. You may take pleasure in being amazed while spending the remainder of the night being lulled to sleep by the soothing sound of the ocean.


Final Words About Baros Maldives


The spectacular coral reefs that are located close to the beach villas at Baros Maldives provide some of the best possibilities for snorkeling anywhere in the world. Baros Maldives is also a perfect gateway for scuba diving since some of the world's best dive sites are conveniently located nearby.


Because there is such a wide variety of sports and other leisure activities to choose from, everyone has the opportunity to have fun while still maintaining their level of physical activity.


The Baros Maldives Spa, which can be situated in the center of the island's stunning gardens, is totally dedicated to the practice of giving individualized treatment and beautification regimens to its clients.


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