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The Wonder Cities In Maldives
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The Wonder Cities In Maldives


There is a collection of islands in the Indian Ocean; together, they take up around 90,000 square kilometres of water. In the Maldives, just 1% is dry land; the rest is completely underwater. There is the Indian Ocean which boasts over 30 stunning cities and a population of over 400 thousand.


There are the best places to go on a honeymoon because of their efforts to preserve a sea that glows in the dark, their ability to attract aquatic adventure enthusiasts by offering them a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and their ability to calm tourists with their powdery white sand beaches. The beauty of the area and the allure of the sea make it difficult to resist the temptation of vacationing there. Listed below are some of the Maldives' must-see cities.






The city of Male, which serves as the capital of the Maldives, can be found on the island of North Male' Atoll, at its most southernmost point, just across from the Maldives International Airport (Kaafu Atoll). Malé, the capital city of the Maldives, is the place to go if you're searching for a short break. There are many iconic landmarks and attractions associated with the nation that may be found there.


As the nation's administrative centre as well as its most populous city, Male draws a sizable number of tourists each year. The city is laid out in the form of a grid, and in addition to modern conveniences such as shopping centres, marketplaces, and restaurants serving up excellent cuisine and stunning beaches, it is filled to the brim with museums and galleries that reflect the rich history and culture of the Maldives.






From Male, Thulusdhoo Island is just 28 kilometres away. As the administrative centre of Kaafu Atoll, it is the place to be. About 1,400 people call the island home. Thulusdhoo is 700 metres in length and 400 metres in width. There are boat-building companies as well as factories that dry tuna and sea cucumber (which looks like black sausage) on the island.


The island's main appeal is the one and only desalinated seawater plant in the world, built by the Coca-Cola Company in the 1980s. Coke's Island is a common name for the island because of his association with it. Coke's, the local surf spot, was even renamed after the soft drink.


Many islands have lately expanded in this way due to rising sea levels. Barrier islands and breakwaters are also built in shallow water to protect the coast. This strategy, although not aesthetically pleasing, prevents coastal areas from being eroded.


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Kulhudhuffushi which is situated on Thiladhunmathi Atoll in the northern part of the Maldives serves as the administrative centre for Haa Dhaalu Atoll. Because of its location smack dab in the geographic centre of the country, the area around Kulhudhuffushi is affectionately known as "the Heart of the North." The island is known as "Mangrove Island" due to the fact that there are a disproportionately large number of mangroves located on it in comparison to the surrounding topography.


It is possible to reach the inhabited island of Kulhudhuffushi by travelling to the south of the Haa Dhaal atoll. Kulhudhuffushi is one of the northernmost islands with the highest population density. It is home to more than nine thousand people, making it one of the islands with the highest population density. The island has a length of approximately 2.5 kilometres and a width of approximately 0.89 kilometres.






The island that is the biggest in the Maldives is called Fuvahmulah, and it is located at the most southernmost point in the Maldives. Any traveller who is looking for paradise on Earth will, without a doubt, find their way to this island. Just as the moon causes the waves of the ocean to move away from the pristine sand of the beach and toward the island itself, so too will any traveller who is looking for paradise on Earth make their way to this island.






The stunning island of Hulhumale serves as a connection to the North Male Atoll International Airport and is found just to the south of that atoll. The island has a total land size of 188 hectares, and it is overflowing with lovely beaches and palm trees; as a result, it is a perfect holiday location for people who wish to experience the benefits of both an urban and a tropical way of life during their time away from home. In addition to this, the island of Hulhumale is a staunch supporter of ecologically friendly development standards and stringent anti-littering regulations.






One of the greatest inexpensive tourist spots in the Maldives is Hithadhoo, located on the island of the same name in the westernmost part of Addu Atoll (formerly known as Seenu Atoll). The area's unique combination of marine life, white sand beaches, and cool seas make it a popular tourist destination. The Addu City government is headquartered in Hithadhoo, where you'll also find the Gan International Airport and several reasonably priced hotels and eateries.


If you want an island that offers the best of both on-road and off-road experiences, your best bet is Hithadhoo. Even beachgoers will like it. The gentle waves and swaying palm trees will set the mood for a relaxing holiday that won't break the bank.


Maafushi Island




Maafushi Island in the Maldives is the only place on Earth where tourists may really get a sense of what it is like to live in paradise. Visitors can stay on the island for as long as they desire. The island has a very lovely landscape. This well-known resort is located on the island of Maafushi, which is native to the Maldives. Here, visitors may relax and take pleasure in the relative tranquilly of their surroundings.






Naifaru is the most beautiful island in the Lhaviyani Atoll, which is home to a number of other breathtaking islands. This island has earned the reputation of being Naifaru Dohokko's birthplace throughout the course of time. He has established a reputation for himself as an amazing and highly recognised singer throughout the course of his career. This island is home to around 4,000 people, the majority of whom earn their livelihood off the fish and other marine life found in the surrounding waters via fishing. Since the beginning of the history of the island, the majority of the island's income has come from fishing.






Dhidhdhoo, the island that serves as the capital of the Haa Alif Atoll, is the only location in the surrounding area that has supermarkets, mini-markets, restaurants, taverns, a bank with ATMs, a pharmacy, and a hospital. Additionally, Dhidhdhoo is the only island that has a medical facility. The waters around Dhidhdoo are often frequented by visitors. This is because a big pod of dolphins regularly puts on a show for any boats that happen to be passing by.


Final Words:


The Male International Airport can be found on Hulhule Island, which is close by. The Maldives' capital and biggest city are called Malé. Since it is the Maldives' primary gateway to the rest of the world, Male International Airport provides an unrivalled level of service to each and every country on the planet.

Beautiful coral islands may be found all around the Maldives archipelago. It is a wonderful place to have a holiday since the country has beaches with white sand, waterways that are turquoise, and green, wooded environs all around it. Because there are a lot of fascinating activities to do and great sites to view, the Maldives has become a popular holiday destination in recent years. One of the things that make this nation stand out from others is the beautiful scenery all around the place.


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Which is better south/ north of Maldives?


If you are thinking about going to the Maldives in June, the best atolls to stay on are those in the south. In the north, the average number of rainy days in a given month may go as high as 18, whilst in the south, the average is closer to 10. Divers in the south like scuba diving because they have the opportunity to see sharks and manta rays.


What language do Maldivians speak all over the country?


The majority of the people in the Maldives is able to communicate well in English, despite the fact that Dhivehi is the country's official language. In point of fact, a sizeable number of workers at a range of resorts in the Maldives are proficient in a variety of different foreign languages, including French, German, Mandarin, and others.


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