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Trip to the island of Dhigurah
  • 2022
  • 27
  • Oct
Trip to the island of Dhigurah


The Maldives has somewhat unremarkable islands. Among the many islands in the region, Dhigurah island stands out due to its position, people, and marine life.


It can be found 99.1 kilometres from the nation's capital Malé.


Dhigurah means "long island" in Maldivian, has the longest and best beach in all of the Maldives and is an idyllic setting. Nearly eighty per cent of the land is vegetated, mostly with palm palms.


The whale sharks in Dhigurah are the primary attraction there. Snorkelers and scuba divers often encounter manta rays.


Dhigurah is more costly than the more accessible islands in the Maldives. Although it's not cheap, staying here is more affordable than vacationing on a tropical island.


Dhigurah gives the best accommodation and eating options to the one who wants to make it!


Where to eat in Dhigurah


At, Hermits. Given the small size of the menu, you can be certain that every item has been thoughtfully crafted and cooked from scratch. Wonderful, helpful, and kind people work there. It's a great place to get a bite to eat for lunch or dinner. The hotel's name is Bliss Dhigurah.


Absolutely Thai Competence is not an issue for Thom Yam. The service, ambience, and quality of the food are all superb. Just so you know, the serving for two is far more than the serving for four.


Makaveli Restaurant. The prices are fair, and the food is both varied and delicious. They went above and above to meet my needs.


Accommodation At Dhigurah


If you’re looking for accommodation at Dhigurah you can check it out right here.


Activities at Dhigurah


Dhigurah is a place where you do what you want, and here are options that make your trip exciting and thrilling in meantime. Let’s get to know about what activities are offered there;


Beach and house reef


The western part of the island is entirely made up of sandy beaches. On the other hand, dead coral covers the portion of the beach that is not in front of any resorts. It's great to walk about here, but you should wear shoes. However, a large amount of work is necessary.


Take a plunge in the water off the sand of this beach to cool down. suited for a target demographic that is younger. From the trees, a route can be seen leading to the southernmost section of the beach. There will be a 3 kilometre distance travelled. If you wish to take a stroll, the beach is still accessible during high tide. A lengthy sandbank connects the island's southernmost region to the neighbouring island of LUX South Ari. There is a sign telling visitors to avoid the resort.


The area's many landmarks are beautiful, yet few tourists recognise it. We will do our best to respect your right to privacy.


House Reef is located on the other side of the island. When you swim close to the beach, your chances of seeing marine life, such as manta rays and whale sharks, increase. For obvious reasons, you shouldn't attempt to do this on your own.


Whale Shark Safari near Dhigurah


If you still don't see any whale sharks at the house reef, try booking a safari to Sun Island, where the odds of seeing one are significantly higher. In the Maldives, whale sharks are not enticed by food as they are in the Philippines' Cebu. Thus, no one can promise you with absolute certainty that you will see them today. You could spot one or two sharks throughout the course of a three-hour safari. Visitors from nearby resorts and other atolls flock to this place since it is the only conveniently accessible atoll in the area.

Within five to ten minutes of a shark sighting report, all hands on deck will be on the radio to organise a response. Therefore, prepare yourself and, if feasible, jump right into the water. When threatened, they may swiftly swim to the ocean bottom and hide down there.


Night fishing


There was a time when fishing was the Maldives' main industry. Fishing is such an integral part of Maldivian culture that people rejoice when they make a good catch and whine when there isn't enough for everyone to eat.


The greatest way to experience the thrill of catching and cooking your own fish is on a night fishing trip (arranged by the hotel). You get up before dawn to pick out a good spot near a reef. The staff will instruct you on the proper use of the fishing equipment, including lines, hooks, and sinkers. Later, we'll be grilling up some food for you to enjoy. The drive will take around 2 hours.


Picnic on the Dhigurah sandbank


Get away from the island for a few hours or a whole day and unwind on a deserted sandbar. The hotel offers BBQ-style day trips to the sandbank's forested walking paths. There are perfect white sand beaches, as well as a beautiful lagoon with great swimming water.


Moreover, LUX South Ari Resort is within walking distance.


Manta ray snorkeling near Dhigurah


Dhigurah is often surrounded by a school of fish known as "reef mantas," which are manta rays. Even while reef mantas aren't as large as oceanic mantas, they still have a wing span that's typically between 3 and 3.5 metres, which makes them rather substantial. May to November is the time span.


Scuba diving at Dhigurah


Dhigurah is an excellent place to do scuba diving since it has excellent conditions and several dive spots suitable for divers of all skill levels.


The "Dhoni," a kind of dive boat, includes a sundeck and all the equipment you need for a day of scuba diving. Daily boat dives might range from a single excursion to as many as three!


The world's biggest fish, the whale shark, is only one of the many spectacular marine creatures that may be seen at any of the more than 30 dive sites in the area.


Some of the most well-known spots for scuba diving around Dhigurah include Kuda Rah Thila, Broken Rock, Manta Point, and Maamigili Beru.


Mixed activities in Dhigurah


Take a day excursion to the beach. The hotel in Dhigurah can arrange day trips to nearby islands such as Vakarufalhi Island Resort, Centara Grand Island Resort & Spa, Conrad Maldives, and Vilamendhoo Island Resort & Spa. Everything from getting there to using everything the resort has to offer is included in the price (pool, SPA, etc.).


looking at the dolphins. It is possible to see both bottlenose and spinner dolphins at Ari Atoll. They often travel in clusters of five to fifteen individuals.


Sporting events that take place in water. You may go on a vacation and ride a jet ski, learn to wakeboard or water ski, or go about in a kayak or stand-up paddleboard.


Bottom Line:


Dhigurah is the perfect location for hosting a wide range of leisure activities and thrilling new experiences due to the extensive length of its beach composed of white sand, the absence of waves in the surrounding seas, and the stunning house reef.

It has a lot to offer, and it isn't only fishing and snorkelling like other sites do since they have so much more to offer. Dhigurah is no doubt a destination that should not be missed by everyone who is interested in partaking in activities like sport fishing, swimming with dolphins, or just soaking in the gorgeous landscape. These are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed at this area.

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