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A Booklet about Kalam visiting Places
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A Booklet about Kalam visiting Places


The Kalam visiting places are the focus of today's topic, and they will help the readers better plan their vacation for the summer. The Kalam is the most picturesque and alluring tourist site in Pakistan's Swat Valley. It is second only to Swat itself as a whole. Kalam is an excellent launching place for tourist journeys to the surrounding landscape, including several mountains and rivers. The stunning rivers that make up the Kalam valley took on their present forms when the snow that covered the mountains melted. It is said that these waters have curative properties, according to local mythology.


This Valley is a famous location for travelers and is located in the middle of the Swat Valley. From here, Islamabad is 260–270 kilometers away, Mingora is 100 kilometers away, and Bahrain is 30–35 kilometers away. Because it has so many beautiful streams, waterfalls, lakes, and mountains that are covered in lush vegetation, it is a very popular tourist destination. You may enjoy a beautiful hike through the Valley and into the Ushu Forest if you go between Kalam and Ushu. In the distance, Mount Falaksir, the highest point in the region, can be seen. This mountain is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Kalam region.


Is Kalam worth visiting?


In addition to the enticing ambiance of the city itself, Kalam Town is home to some of the most luxurious hotels that can be found anywhere in the globe. At the point where the Swat and Ushu rivers meet, in the middle of a valley that looks straight out of a picture book. The natural splendor that can be found in the surrounding area is sure to take your breath away. Geographically speaking, it makes for an excellent home base from which to explore the wonderful places that are located in the areas that are immediately surrounding this location. These places are located in the areas that are immediately surrounding this location.


What is Kalam famous for?


Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who is widely regarded as one of India's most eminent scientists, held the office of President of the Indian Republic from the years 2002 until 2007 and served in that capacity until 2007. Dr. Kalam, who had prior experience as an aeronautical engineer, was put in charge of supervising the development and operation of India's nuclear weapons program and space program. He also had previous training as an aeronautical engineer.


The Valley of Kalam: Kalam Visiting places & Sightseeing Opportunities


I didn't go on this vacation by myself since I like having my own company when I travel. Instead, I went with two other people who I know. So, this one grabbed our attention, and it has remained fresh in our minds for quite some time. Because our destinations were always chosen at the spur of the moment, we never knew where we would find ourselves when we ventured out together.


Because of the breathtaking scenery in which we immersed ourselves throughout our vacation, our minds continue to return to it. There is a hill in the northern part of the Valley that is completely covered by a stunning Ushu Forest. Traveling by automobile takes around an hour and a half to go from Kalam to Saidu Sharif.


Because the route is dirt from Kalam all the way to the finish line, you'll need a Jeep to get there, although the drive in a vehicle isn't all that exciting. Because of their higher ground clearance, Jeeps are superior to other vehicles when it comes to traversing rocky terrain. In the Kalam valley, there is a diverse selection of hotels from which to choose, all of which can be booked at more affordable rates.


The Gabriel Point


The picture-perfect hill village of Gabriel was the very first location that made us understand that this journey had a distinct allure from others along the way. The distance to Kalam is around 20 kilometers, and the height of this location is 7,500 feet. The Utror and Mahodand valleys, in addition to the upper Dir and higher Dir districts, entirely encircle each other. The Chitral and Utror districts are also included in this scenario. The Sazgul area is well-known for its brown Swati trout as well as its exquisite lakes. The Shahi Bagh lake, which is situated to the northwest of the Sazgul region and can be reached by trekking for three hours, is considered to be the most beautiful of these lakes. It is in the middle of all the well-known tourist destinations, therefore going there is an absolute need.


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Forest of Ushu


During the winter months, the only way to get to many of the Kalam visiting places, including Mahodand Lake, is blocked off by the Ushu Glacier. When the glacier's snow began to melt in the summer, the scene was absolutely breathtaking. The protected woodlands in the vicinity have a significant number of deodar cedar trees. The Kalam River is flanked on both sides by heavily wooded terrain.


The largest and most extensive deodar forest in Pakistan may be found here. It is usually a good idea to pitch up a tent in woodlands that have been carefully maintained. The majority of tourists that come to Kalam start their investigations here before continuing on to the more intriguing areas the city has to offer.


It is a well-known destination for vacationers as a result of the lovely woodland's reputation for casting long shadows due to the presence of many trees and plants.


The Matiltan


While traveling to Manu Kalam to see various locations, We made our way through the Ushu woodland before arriving at this breathtaking spot of Matiltan, which is just 11 kilometers away from the city of Kalam. It is well-known for the rugged mountain peaks, enormous glaciers, and verdant forests that are included in its territory. It may be found in the northwest part of the Pacific Ocean. From this vantage point, you will not only be able to view the highest peak in all of Falaksair, but you will also be able to see countless more enormous mountains.


Magical Valley of Utror


This Valley is surrounded on all sides by snow-capped mountains, thunderous waterfalls, and lush greenery, giving it a backdrop that is nothing short of picture-perfect. The total land area included by the full length of the Valley is roughly 47,400 hectares. Utror is located a little over a mile away from both Saidu Sharif and the Kalam Valley.


Four separate valleys surround the city of Utror on all sides: the Bhan Valley, the Upper Dir District, the Kalam Valley, and the Gabral Valley. The whole city of Utror is a really interesting place to explore. The greatest height in the area is found at Kundol Lake, which can be found in the Utror Legitimate Valley. The lake is at an altitude of 2,900 meters (2,300 meters, 7,500 feet). The Badogai Pass is the means by which one may go to the Upper Dir District from the rest of the district.


The Mesmerizing Mahodand Lake


In the Hindu-Ushu Kush Valley, you'll find the beautiful Mahodand Lake, which is a favorite attraction among Kalam visiting spots. 9,400 feet above the ocean's surface. 3 to 4 hours before the time that was arranged. The majority of the debris consists of pebbles and smaller stones, with some metal mixed in as well. If you want to travel by automobile, you should be prepared to sustain injuries. Jeeps may be rented at the reception desks of hotels under the Kalam brand.


Even the most difficult travels may sometimes be well worth the effort. You may expect to travel through a forest, a river, and mountains in the span of three to four hours. There are many circuits to complete before reaching the lake. Along the banks of the lake, free-roaming horses are permitted at all times. Relaxing activities include going camping or boating, or even just lounging around doing nothing.


The lake provides a good vantage point for seeing the tallest peak in the Valley. The lake had to be drained because of the visitors. The cleaning up of the waste is not a high priority. It would be smart to bring garbage bags to the lake with you. Take the garbage can outside.


The Lake of Kandol


When traveling via Kalam to other locations, the Kundol stop is the highlight of the journey. The town of Kalam is around 20.8 kilometers away from Kundol Lake, which can be found in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa area of Pakistan. Due to the fact that its mystical properties have prevented anybody from ever touching it, a golden bowl always seems to be reflecting the moonlight in the water of the lake.


Kundol Lake, which can be found in Northern Utror, is encircled on all sides by snow-capped mountains. Because there is a river that goes from the lake to the River Swat in Kalam Valley, it is quite simple to get to the lake. River-to-lake. Those who visit will find that there are waterfalls, trees, and beautiful scenery. When a gorgeous mountain range encircles a lovely lake, the water takes on an even more breathtaking appearance. During the warmer months, campsites may be found strewn over the area surrounding Kundol Lake.


The vast bulk of the water in Kundol Lake comes from glaciers and springs that are located under the surface. In the area of Swat, the utror Khwar relies on it as their primary food supply. Due to the snowfall that has occurred recently, Kundol Lake is now inaccessible. From both Kalam and Utror, one may get to the Ladu Valley through unpaved routes. Before the tragedy, Jeeps were the most common means of transit between Ladu and the other parts of the area. There are probably hardly more than two or three tunes coming from the water at any one time. There are food huts in Ladu Valley. The hike from the trailhead to the lake takes around four to five hours. The mountains in the Valley are covered almost entirely with cedar and pine trees.


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In the summer, visitors swarm to Swat's Kalam, which is naturally endowed with a variety of roaring waterfalls, gushing rivers, dense alpine forests, lush virgin meadows, appealing glacial lakes, and ethereal summits. In addition, the region is home to thick alpine forests.


It is amazing that there is such a wide selection of hotels in Kalam, each of which has its own collection of amenities. When compared to other tourist destinations in Pakistan, the nicest part about Kalam visiting places is that everything is easy to get and can be purchased at reasonable prices. The residents of Kalam were welcoming, and the cost of meals was more affordable there than in other tourist destinations around the country.


Swat Valley is one of the most visited areas in Pakistan and is considered to be one of the country's top tourist destinations as a result of a large number of Pakistani families as well as foreign tourists who travel there during the summer months.



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