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7 Must Visit Bucket List Experiences for (2023)
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7 Must Visit Bucket List Experiences for (2023)

Trips around the world to explore new destinations are always a great pleasure with a travel guide. Every tourist creates a list of places they want to visit each year based on their interests. You might like exploring gorgeous landscapes, tasting various cuisines, or discovering secret places worldwide. 


Are you planning to set your traveling goals and wondering where to start? Why not write your bucket list travel destinations for 2023? If you love to travel and spend your leisure time outdoors, don’t miss these Tour2Heaven fantastic bucket list ideas. 


This blog post elaborates on your favorite bucket list travel destinations you must visit in 2023. Check out our comprehensive travel bucket list and plan your trips around the world.


1. Maldives


Maldives is a popular travel destination with enthralling beaches and splendid natural beauty. With its relaxing private pools and swinging palm trees, Maldives offers an innovative traveling experience. Enjoy snorkeling in the crystal clear waters and discover a fantastic underwater world. Encounter bizarre fish and corals, and relax on the calming beaches. 


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Spending luxury holidays in your overwater bungalow can be more extravagant than ever imagined. Moreover, you can visit beautiful places on these tropical islands and enjoy a high life. Think of private pools, the best hotels in the Maldives, beach cabanas, sea slides, and more. Isn’t it incredible? 




We Suggest:


Male Island


It is the most visited and one of the best islands in the Maldives. All its beauty and charm are related to the luxuries present there. You won’t miss the pleasure of this island as you will visit it at the very beginning of your journey due to the international airport present there. 


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Lankanfushi Island 


The next one on the list is on a boat ride only 20 minutes from the Male. It is also the North Male Republic of Maldives. To your ease, you can also follow the dress code of Gili Lankanfushi. Take long hemlines, short-sleeved tops, and sunscreens along with you. If you run short of these items, you can buy them from the shops present there. How can you miss this small piece of land with effervescent blue lagoons? 


Maafushi Island 


If you want to visit a unique island, Maafushi, 25 kilometers distant from Male, must be your top choice. There are the best hotels in the Maldives. It is like an unfathomable diamond many visitors still need to track down. The water activities there, such as fishing, hopping, dolphin safari, snorkeling, etc., are the most fascinating. 


Bangkok, Thailand        


Thailand is a hub of backpacking with a past tourism account. It is one of the most economical bucket list travel destinations you can visit on a reasonable budget. You can board local buses and go to hotels and food streets at affordable rates. Bangkok has a unique combo of traditions and modern luxuries.


Catch a sightseeing boat on the riverside to visit all the neighboring places in Bangkok. View travelers guide glorious Thai history by visiting Ancient Siam, Grand Palace, and the Jim Thompson House. Visit lovely parks during the day and vibrant markets at night time. Don’t miss iconic Thai dishes with excellent taste you will never regret. 




We Suggest:


BTS SkyTrain


The most profitable way to get around the whole city of Bangkok is the BTS Sky Train. It has more than 60 stations throughout the three lines. In order to get into this sky train, you can buy a one-day pass, a single ticket, or a Rabbit stored value card. 


Chatuchak Weekend Market 


Containing 15,000 stalls in 26 sections, it is the world’s largest and most crowded weekend market, with merchandise, scout, decors, handicrafts, antiques, plants, etc. It will take a long time to explore this market. For ease, maps are prepared to explore this place and choose your required section easily.  


The Grand Palace 


Being the most-visited historic site established in 1782, it contains many monumental buildings, the location of the early Kings of Thailand. In order to explore this palace more clearly, you must take a guided tour. This way, you can also visit the Queen Sirikit Museum and the Khon Performance at Sala Chalermkrung Royal Theatre. 


Mexico, North America


Mexico is enriched with beaches, many cultural attractions, and vibrant nights. Explore the ancient Mayan Ruins in Mexico, and don’t miss including the waterfalls of Mexico in your bucket list trips. 


We Suggest:


Agua Azul Waterfall


As a traveler guide one of the most remarkable sites is the Agua Azul waterfall, a dreamland amidst the dense forest and splashing cascades in aquamarine pools. Feel tempted to swim in such a gorgeous setting.


Chichen Itza


Your travel bucket list must include Chichen Itza, one of the World's New Seven Wonders. It is about a three-hour drive from the well-known resort of Cancun on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. The ruins have been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


El Castillo


Touring the expansive sacred site, formerly a pre-Hispanic city, you can discover Mayan history. El Castillo, the fortress built to commemorate the Mayan gods, is the most famous building in the area.



Cappadocia, Turkey


Cappadocia is one of the top-rated tourist spots in Turkey. It is a city based on volcanic-rock views with underground cities carved into the volcanoes. Furthermore, it is also considered a favorite site for hiking and horse riding in the rocky valleys. Many ancient churches outside the village symbolize the days of Byzantine primacy. 


We Suggest:


Hot Air Balloon Ride


The most stunning attraction in Cappadocia is the early morning hot air balloon rides. The specialty of this 260-flying days-per-year ride is that the balloons dive close to the ground during a flight. This ride lets you view and appreciate the natural landscapes both from far-point and near point. 




Derinkuyu, an underground city from the Byzantine era, has a mazy network of claustrophobic tunnels. Another landmark is the fairy chimneys, which were once rooms occupied by monks. Don’t miss hiking at Ihlara Valley, enriched with natural beauty. 


Goreme Open Air Museum 


It is a substantial cloistered multiplex with rock-cut old Byzantine churches, including Yilanli, Sandal Church, Dark Church, etc. These churches represent the history of their era and portraits of the Bible. Take the dolmus from the Centre Bus Stop to the Goreme museum. It will take only 5 minutes to reach the museum. But if you prefer to walk ahead, it can take 30 minutes. 


Dubai, UAE


Dubai is a multifaceted city with a unique fusion of ultra-modern culture and traditional Bedouin heritage. With its great shopping malls, Dubai is a shoppers’ paradise attracting visitors worldwide. If you’re here for a short visit, Raffles is a super-convenient place to stay. With various excellent restaurants and cafes, Dubai offers a beautiful food experience to visitors.


We Suggest:


Burj Khalifa


As a traveler's guide, we suggest Burj Khalifa which is situated as a landmark over the ocean, Burj ul Arab is probably the most famous hotel that catches your sight. Moreover, you can feel at the world's top with a splendid view of the Arabian Gulf and Palm Island at Burj Khalifa. 


Dubai Creek Harbour


Visit the Dubai Creek Harbour with stunning gold arches and set out for a desert Safari to explore the other side of the city. You can relax at Drift Beach Dubai and enjoy the poolside service. 


Desert Safari 


The most expeditious tour you can take is the Desert Safari by Landcruiser. Enjoy the Dune Drive in this desert and stay in desert camps for a memorable night. The dinner buffet that night comprises many soft drinks, Arabic snacks, and delicious dishes to eat while being deployed on carpets and cozy pillows. 


Edinburgh, Scotland


You can explore the hidden wonders of Scotland by road trip. Set off for this fantastic tour from Edinburgh and proceed to the hills of Nessie and Loch Ness Monster. Enjoy yourself at the panoramas of Isle of Sky with blowing winds. Edinburgh is a never-miss spot, especially if you are a Harry Potter fan. Lead yourself to Prince's Street with both souvenirs and everyday items to shop for. 


We Suggest:


Greyfriars Kirkyard


Wandering through the Greyfriars Kirkyard, where many notable residents are buried, might interest you. Along with these residents, it is also a historic cemetery catching the visitors' interest. 


Victoria Street


The magical Victoria Street has a unique medieval architecture with many local cafes, and the thing that adds to its magic is the comprehensive mixture of colorful buildings present there. The Elephant House is a first choice for Harry Potter fans because J K Rowling used to write his books there. 


Arthur’s Seat


Explore the natural beauty of Edinburgh by hiking through Arthur's Seat, a prehistoric volcano. It is a charming and influential place situated in Holyrood Park. Moreover, this place is also considered the site of King Arthur’s great kingdom. 


Ontario, Canada


Being a massive province in Canada, Ontario has everything you might look for spending holidays. In summer, you can visit amusement parks with your family, fish in the lakes, or relax at resorts in Ontario. Enjoy snowmobiling, skating, other indoor games, and winter festivals in winter. As a travel guide, we suggest Ontario because it has outstanding parks where you can fish, swim, hike, and camp. 




We Suggest:


Canada’s Wonderland


It is a theme park located about 30 kilometers from Toronto City. If you’re a local resident, this premier amusement park is one of the top things on your travel bucket list in the summer. Canada's Wonderland has everything you might look for in summer: roller coasters, thrill rides for children, a water park, and live shows.


Toronto’s CN Tower


One of Canada's most recognizable buildings, the CN Tower dominates the skyline of Toronto. Royal Ontario Museum, Art Gallery of Ontario, National Gallery of Canada, and Fort William Historical Park are some sites worth visiting. 


Niagara Falls


Lying on the US and Canada’s border, Niagara Falls is among Canada's most visited attractions. You can view the falls from the US side or cross the border to Canada for a better view. To experience the power of the water, take a boat down to the base of the falls.


Over to You!


Are you ready to get started on beautiful trips around the world? Reading about such excellent travel destinations might excite you to visit them. It’s time to work on your bucket list ideas for 2023. We have reviewed the seven famous bucket list places to visit for your interest. Pick out the travel goals you love the most. Look no further and set out for an incredible travel experience this year.


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