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12 stunning must see beaches in Maldives
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12 stunning must see beaches in Maldives


Due to the Maldives' trademark features, which include beaches with sand as fine as sugar and waters of a brilliant blue hue, it is impossible to characterize these islands without resorting to clichés. These features include beaches with sugar-fine sand. It is true that the Maldives are home to an unusually high concentration of some of the most gorgeous beaches in the world, and the rest of what you say is also valid.


The Maldives, a chain of around 1,200 islands in the Indian Ocean, is often regarded as one of the most tranquil, romantic, and breathtakingly beautiful locations on Earth. The islands form atolls due to their close proximity to many coral reefs, and their serene, blue lagoons surrounding them on all sides. On Maldive beaches, overwater bungalows, a trademark of the archipelago, can be constructed with relative ease in these placid seas, and snorkelers flock there for the rich coral reefs and diverse marine life. Obviously, the third component of this ideal holiday spot is the beaches of Maldives. Long stretches of white sand beachfront that have not been developed make many of these beaches ideals for leisurely vacations. With this in mind, I have compiled a list of the top 12 Maldive beaches.


1- Cocoa Island




The South Malé Atoll is home to the luxury and well-known COMO Cocoa Island resort and is well known among other Maldive beaches. Located in the South Malé Atoll, this island offers a luxury getaway. The island of Makunufushi has a well-deserved reputation as a top holiday resort because of its picture-perfect beaches Maldives and crystal-clear blue waters. The staff at COMO Cocoa Island can set you up with a scuba diving adventure so that you may get up and personal with the island's vibrant coral reefs. This is one of the most visited areas on the island. Private beach time on Cocoa Island is a perk of staying at COMO, thanks to the hotel's secluded location.


2- Landaa Giraavaru




Landaa Giraavaru is one of the Maldives' most coveted private islands, and the fact that it's home to a Four Seasons resort just adds to its cachet. There is a vast sandbank here that flows into the crystal-clear water of the ocean, and visitors who come here often report feeling as if they have stepped into another world. The Maldive beaches of this paradisiacal island are described as "a natural UNESCO Biosphere Reserve wilderness where iridescent blues, jungle greens, and dazzling whites meet innovation, conservation, and wellness with equal, dynamic intensity" by the Four Seasons hotel brand. [Further citation required] The water is teeming with fascinating marine species like manta rays and sea turtles, and the cherry on top is the brilliant coral that is just begging to be discovered.


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3- Baros




Not only have the Maldive beaches on the island of Baros not been developed, but the coral reefs and turquoise waters that surround them add a fantastical quality to the island's already unparalleled beauty. If you want to experience the peaceful beaches of the Maldives of Baros, your only choice is to book a room at the one resort on the island, appropriately called Baros Maldives. The resort gives a great method to add a particular touch to a celebration by providing soft sand for dinners on the beach by candlelight.


4- Reethi Rah




The island of Reethi Rah has a reputation for having some of the Maldives' most luxurious Maldive beaches. These beaches are reserved only for guests of the adjacent One&Only Reethi Rah resort. The resort of Reethi Rah spans an extraordinary 4.5 miles of coastline and has twelve private beaches in the Maldives that are really breathtaking in their natural beauty. Being in its own time zone, one hour ahead of Malé's, it boasts some of the most stunning sunsets in all of the Maldives. Vacationing families have the option of renting a villa at the resort that is situated right on the beach or using the lounge chairs provided.


5- Veligandu Island




The sand on Veligandu Island is fine and powdery, and the sandbar that stretches out in front of the island seems to go on forever. This beach is reserved only for guests of the Veligandu Island Resort & Spa in the North Ari Atoll, hence no children under the age of 16 are permitted here. In this case, no one will be an exception. Furthermore, it is big enough to make each hotel guest feel as if they had their very own little beach all to themselves. Having enough room to move about is a big part of the reason why. The coral around the island gives the water an infinite range of greens and blues, and the Maldive beaches are adorned with thatched-roof pavilions and lounge chairs for tourists to use throughout their stay.


6- Thulusdhoo Island




Thulusdhoo, the capital of Maldives' Kaafu Atoll, is widely regarded as a surfer's paradise. Only in a few popular locales like Thulusdhoo can visitors get a true taste of the culture of this stunning archipelago. While the Maldives is known for their luxurious resorts, certain islands, such as Thulusdhoo, do not have such establishments. It takes around an hour and fifteen minutes on a boat that won't break the bank to go from Malé to Thulusdhoo. With such a wide range of options, visitors to the island may choose a hotel that works within their budget. A good place to soak up some rays is at Tourist Beach, but if you're a seasoned surfer in search of the best waves, head on over to Cokes Beach. Tourist beaches Maldives is a popular destination on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian archipelago.


7- Hulhumale Island




Hulhumale, a man-made island adjacent to the Maldives' capital, sits inside the North Malé Atoll. This island has a greater economic presence and Western cultural impact than most others in the archipelago. There are also several restaurants, shops, and hotels in the area. In addition, it has a character of its own when contrasted to the rest of the islands in the archipelago. Hulhumale has some of the best beaches in the Maldives in the world, and they're surrounded by businesses offering everything from water sports to fine eating to shopping. It is highly recommended that you spend at least a weekend relaxing on these Maldive beaches. Your days may be filled with snorkelling, paddleboarding, or just lounging on the beach with a drink in hand.


The one that has the most users currently. When on vacation, one surefire way to relax is to take some time to bask in the warmth of the sun alongside one's spouse while taking in the breathtaking beauty of the setting. One of the best beaches in the Maldives is Hulhumale, which is found on Kaafu Atoll. This beach features opulent amenities but does not come at an exorbitant price.


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8- Fulhadhoo Island




Only around 250 people call the island of Fulhadhoo in the Baa Atoll home. The island's width much exceeds its length. Beautiful blue lagoons and natural ponds form along the shore, creating an atmosphere of peace and serenity. As a prime spot for underwater exploration, Fulhadhoo is home to a wide variety of marine life, including dolphins, turtles, and a wide variety of fish. Due to this, it has risen to a status of its own. It's just two hours by speedboat from Malé, and it's one of the most beautiful and peaceful islands travellers may visit. Due to its remote location, the Maldives' beaches are generally deserted, providing visitors with a perfect opportunity to see wildlife.


9- Ukulhas Island




Ukulhas, an island in the Alif Alif Atoll, remains mostly uncharted because of the atoll's lack of exploration. The island's beautiful Maldive beaches are cleaned on a regular basis to keep them appealing to tourists and to lessen the environmental impact on the island's inhabitants. Several housing options of varying quality and cost are available on the island. Each of these options is conveniently close to the beach, although none of them really sits on the sand itself. But the beaches of Maldives remain the most popular destination for tourists on the island. The one kilometre of uninterrupted white sand is peppered with umbrellas and lounge chairs. Since there aren't that many people at the beach, and there's a tonne of empty space, you won't have to worry about having to wait around for a place to lie in the sun. Because it provides a holiday on a picture-perfect Maldivian beach, Ukulhas is a good option for tourists with varying budgets.


10- Omadhoo




Located in the tranquil South Ari Atoll lies the island of Omandhoo. Recently, the island started investing in new and improved tourist attractions. It's estimated that almost 60% of the island's total population lives in this settlement of 800 people. Visitors concerned about preserving and learning more about the local culture will like the island's atmosphere because it has a particularly Maldivian flavour and Western practices are not nearly as common as on other islands. The island has a great atmosphere for anyone who wishes to learn about and help preserve the indigenous culture. Omadhoo's Maldive beaches are serene and well-maintained, and visitors will love exploring the massive sandbank that extends into the turquoise lake. The reef close to the shore is home to a wide variety of marine life, such as schools of fish (especially barracuda and snapper), turtles, and even whale sharks.


11- Dhigurah Island




Dhigurah Island is part of the South Ari Atoll, which is roughly 62 miles (100 kilometres) from the nation's capital of Malé Here the scenic views and watery activities make themselves ready to surprise you with all that they have. A sighting of a shark or whale is not usual in other beachy sites, but the Dhigurah is always there to frighten and surprise you when you visit. When I went to the Maldives with several of my friends and we went to Male Dhigurah and other areas, I encountered a lot more than I had ever heard about there.


The island is famous for its potential to host whale shark sightings, as well as its excellent diving and beautiful Maldives beaches. Dhigurah, like Thulusdhoo, is filled with hotels and other popular establishments frequented by locals and travellers alike. The ocean surrounding the little length of sugar sand beaches in the Maldives on Dhigurah is a gathering area for sea turtles and a variety of beautifully coloured fish species; there are picnic tables set up on the scenic sandbar.


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12- Hadahaa




The island, which is part of the North Huvadhoo Atoll, is home to the luxurious Park Hyatt Maldives Hadahaa resort. The house reef is visible from any part of the island. The fact that there are so many activities going on around you makes it impossible to miss the beach view; at certain intervals, you'll get the opportunity to observe sharks swimming, which will make both their day and yours more wonderful. You can't miss the beach view simply because there are so many activities going on around you. By the way, until you come and witness for yourself how gorgeous Maldive beaches and landscape are, you won't believe us when we say that we have such compelling scenery.


The Park Hyatt has made a commitment to sustainability in an effort to preserve the reef, maintain the cleanliness of the rivers and beaches in the Maldives, and lessen the resort's overall impact on the environment, all of which contribute to the resort's stunning natural setting. The Maldives' beaches are so beautiful that they need to be included in a screensaver. Green Globe and a local marine scientist are keeping an eye on these beaches to make sure they don't lose their status as some of the Maldives' most picturesque.


I recommend visiting the Maldives once in a lifetime. So, if you have read all we've written to convey the best possible information to you might have made up your mind to plan a vacation there in the Maldives. Choose your hotels and go for bookings now!


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