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The Guide for Visit To Bodufolhudhoo Maldives
  • 2022
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The Guide for Visit To Bodufolhudhoo Maldives


Check out this stunning local island in the Maldives for your upcoming beach vacation. Bodufolhudhoo Maldives is a beautiful and small Maldivian island in North Ari Atoll. 


Located in the heart of Alif Atoll in the north. The eccentric location of the island paves the way for beautiful marine life for tourists. The island is perfect to explore the coral reefs and the equatorial fishes. The place is far from the capital Male and hence still holds the rustic Maldivian touch for tourists to experience.


Where is Bodufolhudhoo island situated?


This picturesque island is located 81.64 kilometers west of Malé, the country's capital. It is surrounded by numerous well-known tourist destinations such as Nika Island Resort, Velidoo, and Gangehi.


Every year, a large number of individuals visit this island. It's an excellent tourist spot for a good time. The island's house reef is stunning and abundant in marine life. The Maldives' first island to outlaw plastic bag use is this one. 


What are the weather conditions at Bodufolhudhoo?


This graph depicts the weather in Bodufolhudhoo using data that was gathered over the course of the past five years. By looking at the historical weather data for that place, you can get a fair idea of what the weather is like in Bodufolhudhoo and therefore what the climate is like there. If you are informed of the weather conditions in advance, you will be better prepared to plan for your trip and have a more enjoyable experience. If you are planning a trip to Bodufolhudhoo in the not-too-distant future, you will find this chart to be very useful.


Bodufolhudhoo offers the perfect beach vacation


Bodufolhudhoo offers suggestions for the perfect beach vacation. The island administration has also set aside a private beach (Sunset Beach) for visiting guests. Swimming enthusiasts can visit this island since it is well-known for its amazing marine life and magnificent house reef, which is great for scuba diving. Because the island is surrounded by water, most transit is via boat. Because of its beauty, this lovely island is more appealing to travelers.


It has a hospital, a children's playground, swimming schools, two cafeterias, two mosques, and many more amenities.




What are transportation Means at Bodufolhudhoo?




Bodufolhudhoo travels largely by boat on this populated island. So there are three main ways to go about the island. A speedboat, a public ferry, and a seaplane are all options.


Public Ferry:


The public ferry costs $3 per person, with a changeover time of 5 hours and 30 minutes. It travels from male to Bodufolhudho every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 9:00 AM Bodufolhudhoo leaves for Males every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday at 9:00 AM




The speedboat charges $40 per person for a one-hour and 45-minute journey. Male to Bodufolhudhoo twice a day, between 10:30 and 4:00. (16:00h)




Bodufolhudhoo to Male has two daily departures, at 6:15 AM and 12:00 PM.  By seaplane, the journey takes 25 minutes and costs 216 dollars each way daily starting at 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM.


If you have enough money, I recommend taking the public ferry via Rasdu - Ukulhas, although this takes a longer time. As Bodufolhudhoo  is around about 90 KM away from the airport & capital Malay.


The closest station to Bodufolhudhoo is the Bodufolhudhoo Harbor station, which is just 149 meters and is only a 3-minute walk away in the Maldives. The 301 is the first and last ferry that departs from the Maldives for Bodufolhudhoo. The closest stops are at 6:58 AM and 1:21 PM.


If you have a large budget, choose Speedboat. It is an on-demand & fast mode of transportation between islands. So, if you want to take advantage of this option, make your reservation as soon as possible. The best part is that the people of this gorgeous island also use sea boats and seaplanes to travel to the Maldives' capital, Male. Bicycles and motorcycles are also popular modes of transportation on the island. To carry heavy things, several sizes of "gaadiyaa" wheelbarrows are used.




Bodufolhudhoo as an  Ecological Island:


Bodufolhudhoo is one of the best ecologically friendly islands in the Maldives, the main reason is that the residents care about the environment and the beaches. Furthermore, the local government hires people to clean the island and is now planning to bring biodegradable packaging to the island. In addition to this scheme, Islanders are also encouraged to bring pots or even buckets to purchase their items. They also talk about biogas generation(bacteria digest organic matter (biomass) in the absence of oxygen) for the betterment of the island. They also intend to plant more trees and establish nurseries to promote a healthy environment. For better treatment, there is a medical center that provides basic health care to the residents of Bodufolhudhoo. That health facility employs a medical officer, two registered nurses, and around 15 staff.


The Maldives' cleanest island is Bodufolhudhoo. Despite the fact that the first guest house opened here in 2015, it has been a little-known tourist attraction for a long time. Essentially, the inhabitants of Bodufolhudho want to enhance tourism.


Ways to Enjoy Things to Do:


Water Sports & Boat Tours are the main attractive things for tourists over there.


Scheduling a day trip by boat to any of the surrounding island resorts—Nika island resort & Spa, Veli Gangehi island resort & Spa, Voi Maayafushi island resort, or Velidhu island resort—is highly recommended.


A great place with lovely white beaches where you may spend the next two hours exploring the desert island. Snorkeling is also beneficial to see the rays and areas of healthy coral in shallow water. Types with pink and blue tips that are as prickly as ferns are close to varieties with thick, long stems that resemble church organ pipes.


In addition, Bodufolhudhoo is close to Nika Island Resort & Spa, Gangehi Island Resort, and Velidhoo Island Resort.


House Reef Snorkeling:


Amazing diving adventure at Bodufolhudhoo lies in the center of the Alif Alif Atoll (Northern Ari). Yes, if you enjoy snorkeling, this is the location for you because the island is surrounded by a local reef. Because of its perfect position, it is also well-known for its magnificent marine life.


If you enjoy snorkeling, Bodufolhudhoo features one of the Maldives' outstanding house reefs. The reef is less than 100 meters from the beach and is safe with much to view, so you will require very little effort to enjoy the spectacular coral and fish life. Although guest rooms provide snorkeling equipment for hire, it is preferable to bring your own for safety.




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