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Refreshing things to do at Thulusdhoo
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Refreshing things to do at Thulusdhoo


The Maldives may be best known for their tranquil seas and blue lagoons, but they also have some of the most world-class waves for surfing in the world. Surfers are well aware that Thulusdhoo Island is among the best places in the Maldives to catch waves that are within a short distance from their homes.


Thulusdoo Island is about 28 kilometres from Male. It is the best site since it is the administrative centre of Kaafu Atoll. The island is home to around 1,400 inhabitants. Thulusdhoo measures 700 metres in length and 400 metres in breadth.


There are boat-building businesses and firms on the island that dry tuna and sea cucumber (which resembles black sausage). On the island in the 1980s, the Coca-Cola Company built the world's only desalinated seawater factory. Because of his connection to the island, it is commonly referred to as Coke's Island. Coke's, a local surf spot, was even named after the soft drink.


Several islands have expanded in this way in recent years as sea levels have risen. Barrier islands and breakwaters are also built in shallow seas to protect the beach. Although this strategy is unsightly, it helps to decrease coastal erosion. Look for deals on trips to neighbouring islands.


Attractions at Thulusdhoo Beach 


The island has a dedicated bikini-clad area where tourists may relax in peace. Stone pillars divide the water from the little beach. A man-made embankment expanded the island's size on its undeveloped eastern side.


However, just beyond the boat's entrance lies a magnificent reef teeming with fish and stunning coral. Because dolphins swim near the island, you can get lucky and have a pod approach you.


You'll have a terrific day snorkelling at the point outside of Thingiri. Sharks, manta rays, and other amazing marine life will surely be seen.


Due to its position in close proximity to Cokes and Chickens, two of the best surf breaks in the Maldives, Thulusdhoo is often referred to as a surfer's paradise.


This is a description that is not without foundation. It is possible to go surfing at any time of the year; however, the months of April through November are often regarded as offering the best conditions for the sport. From the North Male atoll, it is possible to access further surf breakers, such as Honkeys, Jailbreaks, and Sultans, in a short period of time by speedboat.


Sports at Thulusdhoo


The Maldives often hosts championships in a variety of sports due to its young and active populace. Football and cricket are the two most popular sports in the region. However, there are a handful of more popular games in that area that I'd like to highlight.


Bashi is only for female gamers (even in mostly Muslim countries). To win a tennis match, your opponent must successfully catch a tennis ball that you have kicked across the court with your racquet. It is common for Maldivian women to endure injuries to their legs and heads while playing this game, demonstrating their bravery. When there are contests, this dance is often performed before the commencement of the game.


To avoid being kidnapped and maybe hurt by the other team, a player on one side must enter a circle, touch an opponent, and immediately depart the circle. Baibalaa, a male-only sport, is known for its aggression and physical contact. Thus, nocturnal sports are typically well-received since they allow tourists to interact with residents.



While it is true that the Maldives have some of the most beautiful and picturesque blue lagoons and tranquil seas in the world, you may be surprised to learn that the islands also have some of the best surf in the world. Surfers visit Thulusdhoo Island in the Maldives because it is one of the best local surfing locations.


Furthermore, it serves a purpose. The island's first tourism infrastructure was built in the 1970s, thanks in part to the efforts of local surfers.




Wave is located on the abandoned island of Villingilimathi Huraa, which is next to Thulusdhoo Island (on the other side of the channel). This wave can withstand waves ranging from 3 feet too far over 10 feet, enabling 500-metre rides. The second section of this lengthy left-hand wave is somewhat easy to negotiate. There was formerly a farm where chickens were raised. Regardless of their demise, the Chickens' name will always be connected with that location.




This right-handed wave on Thulusdhoo is suitable for skilled surfers and larger waves. A top This right-hander is considered to be one of the best in the Maldives. The name of this wave was inspired by the nearby Coca-Cola bottling facility on Thulusdhoo Island. It prefers southerly and north-northeasterly winds.




A mild right-hand turn that is ideal for beginners and longboarders. Japanese surfers undoubtedly agree since it is one of their favourite waves. A little southerly surf and light west-to-northwest winds provide ideal conditions. The problem is that it is completely ineffective for waves taller than one metre.


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Beginners and low-level intermediates should go elsewhere for something bigger and more complex. To enjoy the best tube rides, you must be able to support a significant amount of weight. Because of its breaking range of 1.2 m to 3 m+, it is a favourite with local surf charter boats and draws large crowds.




Although it is not as well-known as Cokes and Chickens, some surfers believe it to be the best wave in the Maldives. Is close to Sultans' Island (Thaburudhoo) and other nearby islands. When all circumstances are satisfied, it is unquestionably world-class. The left-hand wave is rather long, and its second half may climb by a factor of four. This sharp left turn needs 1 to 2 metres of swell moving in the right direction. If Sultans is too crowded, consider this alternative. A north-easterly winter wind is ideal.


Sandbank visiting


Explore various sandbars with beautiful white sand and pure blue water. Their extraordinary beauty makes them seem otherworldly.


The sand Dunes of Asdu Thulusdhoo are 30 minutes distant from the sand dunes. Everyone like this kind of vacation because they can spend the whole time relaxing on the white sand beach and swimming in the shallow water right on the sand, all while being only metres from a beautiful coral reef.


Sand Bank of Chikana Another beach accessible by foot is twenty minutes away from the island. Furthermore, this utopia remains just till the water recedes. You may explore a variety of reefs here.


The Atlantis Sand Bank must be crossed before reaching Thulusdhoo. It gets its name from the fact that its long, narrow shape gives the impression that low tide would never finish, despite the fact that the colours in this artwork are so brilliant. Time spent surrounded by thulusdhoo


The Safari at the Pool


A variety of snorkelling spots are nearby, enabling you to explore the underwater world and witness stunning coral gardens as well as marine life including sharks, turtles, and rays.


Snorkelers will like this coral grass. Snorkelling with turtles and neon fish is feasible here. You may explore a coral garden and swim among turtles and other aquatic species at a depth of two metres in the open ocean.


Attack of the sharks! A safe swimming area 30 minutes by boat from our island allows you to swim with masks and fins to view sharks up close.


Dusk fishing in the city of Thulushdhoo


For the evening, I recommend going fishing. Going fishing in a Dhoni (local fishing boat) with competent local fishermen is the most authentic way to participate in this activity. You'll want to learn all you can about the fishermen's tactics for catching massive sailfish while you watch the sunrise over the lake and see their daily rituals. You may also ask for fish to be caught and cooked.

The extensive marine life on these atolls has been preserved because of strict anti-poaching legislation. Thulusdhoo has boats geared to catch smaller species such as crevalles, barracudas, and runners in addition to bigger species such as sailfish, yellowfin tuna, and marlin.


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Activities at Thulusdhoo


Travel with dolphins. Dolphins may be seen swimming in front of the island while sunbathing on the beach. A closer look at them, on the other hand, is much more fascinating.


Dive with Certified Divers from Around the World (CDPW). Divers of all skill levels will enjoy the fantastic diving opportunities at Thulusdhoo. In Thulusdhoo, there is just one diving store.


Take advantage of a day excursion to the beach. Do you like contrasting native and tourist-populated islands? Take a day trip to the neighbouring Club Med Kaani or Cinnamon Dhonveli for the utmost in luxury. The first event costs $120 (8.00-17.00) for each participant, while the second event costs $130. What exactly does it contain? Tourists can enjoy a variety of cultural activities and performances, as well as a wide selection of food and alcoholic beverages.


Infrastructure at Thulusdhoo


On the island, there are approximately twenty hotels and B&Bs, all of which will make every effort to provide a pleasant stay. You may acquire whatever you need, from fresh fruit to dried tuna, at one of the area's many supermarkets or hardware stores.


In addition to the agricultural industry, the commercial sector houses the Maldives' only Coca-Cola factory and fish drying facilities. The island's power and ancient school are open for exploration.

Food establishments

The restaurants are made up of four small yet cosy businesses. There is no other way to evaluate which choice is superior except to try them all. If you're dining with a buddy, budget between $10 and $18 per person.


Local restaurants at Thulusdhoo


Starbucks' Express Service. Regardless of what is ordered, the food is delicious. Despite the fact that service was slower than expected, the food was great, served in ample portions, and fresh.


Locals recommend the Maldivian eatery Byyoni. There are several selections, however, the curry is just too watery for my tastes. good cost-effectiveness


It's Infectious Pizza Joint's Fabulous Five. The pizza here is simple, yet it tastes better than the pizzas cooked with raw ingredients on the rest of the island.


Restaurant Santa Rosa. By Thulusdhoo standards, the area is beautiful. The menu items are reasonably priced, and there is a large range. Despite the lengthy wait, orders are processed quickly.

Travel via pre-arranged speedboat


A speedboat may take you from the airport to Thulusdhoo in about 25 minutes. You should budget $25 for each travel.

(Fridays are Exception)

Men of the Thulusdhoo tribe: 11 a.m., 1 p.m., and 2 p.m. (on Fridays 9:00, 17:00, 22:00)

Male Thulusdhoo is only available at 8:00, 13:30, and 18:00. (7:30, 14:30, and 18:00 on Friday)


Travel Via local Boat.


The departure time from Thulusdhoo to Vilingili terminal is 7:30 a.m. every day. (With the exception of Fridays).


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