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7 Unique Reasons Why Antalya is Worth Visiting
  • 2023
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7 Unique Reasons Why Antalya is Worth Visiting


If you're wondering whether Antalya is worth visiting, our answer is definitely. Antalya refers to the city center and the surrounding area of eastern Mediterranean Turkey. We enjoy Antalya, from the busy ancient town and contemporary city center to the outskirt towns of Kalkan and Alanya. So don't just take my word for it.


Antalya, located on Turkey's coast between Tauras Mountain and the Mediterranean Sea, is one of the country's most important tourist destinations. It's a very gorgeous city steeped in history and home to diverse religious customs and traditions, with enough to offer history fans and cultural vultures.


But it's not simply the history that draws tens of thousands of people from all over the world every year. There are also world-class beaches and apparently unending sunshine.


Antalya is a must-see destination! But you don't have to believe us. Check out these suggestions, which outline several reasons why you should put this Turkish town on your bucket list this year.


Traditional History Is All Around




Antalya is a historic city. It is, in fact, 2,172 years old!


Also, if you're a history buff, you might be shocked to learn that, despite it is now a region of Turkey, the modern city was built by the Greeks in 150 BC, and retained most of that Greek spirit for the majority of its existence.


Despite the fact that the Greeks were finally expelled from the region, several monuments from that time period have survived. As you approach the historical district, you will be greeted with a beautiful Roman-era city gate known as Hadrian's Gate, which was erected to commemorate the arrival of the Roman Emperor in the year 130.


Rapid development later transformed Antalya into Turkey's seventh-largest city, and an impressively modern one at that, although relics of a distant, more mysterious past may still be seen within the Old Town walls (the Kaleiçi). Some are difficult to miss, such as the historic Yivliminare Mosque and the iconic Ottoman Clock Tower.


The Old Town, on the other hand, is an attraction in and of itself. It makes for a nice summer afternoon ramble, with its complicated maze of little lanes dotted with cafés, Ottoman buildings, and old monuments, with the odd astonishment or two around every turn.


Weather and Climate


Antalya residents get around 300 days of sunlight every year. Summer visitors may expect high weather that will allow them to get golden-kissed tans and spend days at Lara city and Konyaalti beaches. Antalya's nighttime temperatures also imply open-air nightclubs and clubs to dance the night away, as well as outdoor eating in rooftop restaurants. We prefer visiting in the spring and autumn since the days are pleasant but not too hot, allowing us to go out and about and appreciate the wonderful vistas that Antalya has to offer.


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Stunning Beaches




Without a doubt, one of the reasons Antalya is so appealing is its global beaches. Because of the great expanses of sandy beaches and brilliant blue seas, this part of the Turkish Riviera is known as the Turquoise Coast. In actuality, Antalya's territory has 213 blue flag beaches, making it the city with the biggest number of these beaches in the whole globe.


Antalya's beaches are ideal for more than simply swimming and sunbathing. Many of them are famous destinations for water sports and other recreational activities. Jet skiing, windsurfing, parasailing, and other activities are available to visitors.


It's no surprise that Antalya's beaches are among the most popular tourist destinations.


Some of Antalya's most popular beaches include:

  • Lara Beach
  • Konyaalti Beach
  • Olympos Beach


Damn Tasty Food




If you want to sample the diverse and rich cuisine of Turkey, Antalya is the place to go. Antalya is located on the seaside, similar to Istanbul, which supplies fresh fish for some of the most mouthwatering Turkish cuisines.


Try the crucial kebab if you're looking for something flavorful. The Adana or the Iskender kebabs are two of the various varieties of kebabs that are available. Visitors must taste the sea bass provided in the city's various eateries for seafood delicacies. In Antalya, calamari and shrimp are also incredibly fresh and tasty.


Finally, complete your dinner with Baklava, Turkey's national dessert. Its layers of filo pastry drenched in honey and stuffed with ground almonds or pistachios are a popular dessert among both residents and tourists.


Antalya has a plethora of restaurants that exhibit the finest Turkish cuisine.


Enchanting Waterfalls




Antalya is the epitome of a naturalist's paradise. Antalya not only has the abovementioned beaches, but it also has several stunning waterfalls. Antalya offers a waterfall for everyone, whether you want to climb it or observe it from a boat.


Lower Duden Falls must be Antalya's most renowned waterfall. The Lower Duden Falls is a 40-meter waterfall that descends into the Mediterranean Sea from the edge of Duden Park. It's quite a show that you may see if you take a boat excursion.


The Manavgat Waterfall is another attraction that is frequently cited as one of Turkey's most stunning natural features. Because this waterfall lies near Side, you will need to take a day excursion from Antalya. It's an uncommon and stunning sight to witness, measuring 40 meters broad and 2 meters high.


Everyone Can Find Something

On the surface, Antalya may appear to be a tropical paradise that only beach lovers would enjoy, but Antalya is much more. Along with the beaches and historical monuments we've already discussed, Antalya has a lot to offer the whole family.


The Land of Legends Theme Park is ideal for families traveling with children. This entertainment park, known as the "Disneyland of Turkey," features everything from waterparks to rollercoasters!


If you enjoy hiking, Antalya's surrounding mountains are home to National Parks with spectacular treks. Termessos National Park's old city, one of our favorites, is one of these. After an hour-long trek, you'll be rewarded with breathtaking views from this perfectly restored Roman theatre.


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Popular Tourist Destination


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Antalya is a popular tourist destination, yet it is not overly commercialized. There are still lots of people that warmly embrace tourists (and their money)! Everyone may appreciate the city's inviting and pleasant environment.


If you've made it this far, you should be aware that Antalya is unquestionably worth a visit. On the surface, it may appear to be a tourist trap with nothing but beaches, yet this couldn't be further from the reality!


Antalya has something for everyone, from ancient ruins to mountaintops, and busy bazaars to active nightlife! Everyone should go to Antalya at least once in their lives since it is a place that is genuinely worth visiting.


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