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10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Turkey
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10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Turkey


Turkey is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. But are all these tourists coming for the same reason?


Turkey has a rich history and culture that’s sure to draw tourists from all over the world. Turkey is a beautiful country to visit and home to some of the world’s most famous sites, including Istanbul and Cappadocia.


While tourism is a significant contributor to Turkey’s economy, it’s not the only thing that contributes. Product developments, technological innovations, and even city planning have played an essential role in driving tourism growth in Turkey. So if you want to be successful when traveling to Turkey, keep reading for more tips.


Read our list of the best places to visit in Turkey which are becoming tourist attractions:


Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofia) Mosque





The Hagia Sophia is not just a popular tourist destination in Istanbul; it is also one of the world's oldest, largest, and most significant religious monuments. It was constructed in the sixth century and used as a church for 916 years before being turned into a mosque. In 1935, it was converted into a museum. East Roman Philon called the Hagia Sophia one of the world's eight wonders. With its unique history, it eventually became an Ottoman Empire mosque and is currently one of the most visited museums. Hagia Sophia is a remarkable location. It is situated in the center of Sultanahmet and will provide you with a memorable experience.


The magnificent Hagia Sophia (Aya Sofya in Turkish) has a history as complicated as Istanbul itself. The major purpose of this landmark monument was altered in 2020, and it was restored to being a functional mosque under the new official name of the Hagia Sophia Holy Grand Mosque (Aya Sofya-i Kebir Cami-i Serif).


Its dome is one of the city's defining emblems, and despite all of Sultanahmet's (Istanbul's old city district) architectural features, this historic monument is still among the city's most popular tourist attractions.


If you want to discover the most creative attractions in Turkey then Hagia Sophia is the best option.







Pamukkale was one of Turkey’s natural wonders. Pamukkale is a village in western Turkey noted for the mineral-rich hot waters that trickle down white travertine terraces on a nearby hillside. The huge and rambling remains of Greco-Roman Hierapolis, an ancient spa town, sit scattered across the crest of this calcite hill and are a highlight of any Turkey tour.


After seeing the historic theatre and the relics of the city's agora, gymnasium, necropolis, and magnificent gates, you may bathe in the mineral-rich waters that made this ancient spa town famous for its ancient pool.


Wading through the pools of water on the higher terraces, go down the travertine slope to the little modern settlement of Pamukkale.


The ideal method to explore the travertines is to climb or descend the terrace ridge part that connects the Pamukkale town base of the hills to the central entrance of the ancient settlement of Hierapolis on the summit. This is the only place where you may walk, and you must go barefoot on the travertines.






Antalya is Turkey's fastest-growing city, and tourists from all over the world are finding its fantastic blend of beautiful beaches and traditional Turkish culture.  Make a point of exploring the historic town center and seeing Hadrian's Gate.


Antalya has much to offer everyone. Aspendos and Antalya's maze-like core old town are among the greatest sites to visit if you want to get your sightseeing fix, and the city is ideally situated to serve as your base for day trips around the ancient tourist monuments dispersed throughout the adjacent hills.


History, on the other hand, is sometimes overlooked by visitors. Antalya, on the other hand, is all about the beaches that border the shore and soaking in the Mediterranean coastal scenery on a boat excursion.


Whatever style of holiday you're searching for, Antalya's attractions may help you plan your trip.


Topkapi Palace




It is one of Turkey's most popular museums, and many people believe that no trip to Istanbul is complete without a tour here. Topkapi Palace served as the Ottoman sultans' palace as well as the state's administrative and educational center.


Topkapi Palace is one of the oldest and most prominent historical sites in Istanbul, Turkey, where the Ottoman Sultans resided for about 400 years. Explore the luxurious areas of Topkapi Palace, discover antique treasures from the Sultanate era, and learn about the place's culture and history.


The Best things to discover in Topkapi are that Topkapi Palace Museum features extensive collections of china, robes, weaponry, Ottoman miniatures, Islamic calligraphic manuscripts, and other Ottoman artifacts and jewelry. Visit the Palace Treasury, which houses an enthralling collection of the world's most famous and beautiful gems, including the legendary Topkapi Dagger. The legendary film Topkapi was based on this dagger.


The Blue Mosque




The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, popularly known as the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, is an Ottoman-era historical imperial mosque in Istanbul, Turkey. It is a working mosque that also draws a huge number of tourists.


The mosque was built by Sultan Ahmed I and was planned to resemble the Hagia Sophia by architect Sedefkar Mehmet Aa, a pupil of the Ottoman era's most known architect, Sinan.


Everything about the Blue Mosque is majestic, with six slender minarets and a large courtyard complex, but it's most renowned for its prayer hall interior, which is coated with tens of thousands of blue Iznik tiles (for which the mosque was named) and lighted by shards of light from 260 windows.


Outside of prayer hours, non-worshiping guests are welcome. Everyone must cover their knees and shoulders, and women must wear a headscarf.






Ephesus is the most well-known of Turkey's ruins and archaeological tourist sites. Visitors come from all over the world to walk through the well-preserved Roman streets, marvel at the enormous structures, and absorb the old essence of this destroyed city.


Spend enough time exploring wherever you want to establish yourself. Because of the well-preserved status of the monuments, this is one of the greatest sites in the world to experience a Classical-era city.


Ephesus has a lot to offer in terms of activities and history, and even a quick tour of the attractions will take you half a day.


Ephesus was an affluent and highly cultured commerce hub, as well as the location of the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


Whatever style of holiday you're searching for, Ephesus's attractions may help you plan your trip.






Cappadocia is a location of bizarre whirling volcanic-rock landscapes that appear to have been crafted by naughty elves. However, it is the result of wind and water gradually eroding the rock.


The Cappadocian towns carved into the hillsides, the Byzantine-era rock-cut churches with spectacular murals, and the labyrinthine subterranean city where early Christians once sheltered from enemies are the main tourist attractions.


Cappadocia's valleys, brimming with activities for both nature lovers and history enthusiasts, are one of Turkey's top hiking and horseback riding attractions, while aerial pictures of the valleys' sinewy outlines have made the location one of the greatest spots in the world to enjoy a hot-air balloon trip.


Cappadocia is famed for its distinctive rock formations and amazing hot-air ballooning options. Cappadocia's unearthly landscapes are one of Turkey's most popular natural marvels.


Mount Nemrut




Mount Nemrut, commonly known as Nemrud, is a 2,134-meter-high mountain in southeastern Turkey, noted for its top, which has a series of colossal sculptures placed around what is thought to be a 1st-century BC royal tomb. It is one of the Taurus Mountains' tallest peaks to the east.


Mount Nemrut's peak offers spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. The biggest attraction is seeing the sunrise from the eastern terrace.


The stunning burial terraces that encircle the summit's funerary mound are strewn with the collapsed remains of massive stone sculptures that were once majestically lined up to commemorate Antiochus' and the gods' glory.


If you just have time for a brief trip to eastern Turkey and can only visit one sight, Mount Nemrut is unbeatable. The entrance to the mountain peak is around 43 kilometers north of Kahta and 70 kilometers northwest of Adiyaman.


Most guests come around sunrise or sunset to appreciate the genuine majesty of the location. However, this is the busiest period at the peak.







There are several Greco-Roman ruins in Turkey, but none are as beautifully situated as ancient Pergamum near modern-day Bergama.


Pergamum often spelled Pergamon, is a well-known archaeological site in modern-day Turkey that arose during the reign of the Attalid dynasty. In Mysia, Pergamon was a great intellectual and cultural center. With its magnificent hilltop remains, Pergamum (Bergama) is reason enough to include the North Aegean in your itinerary as one of the greatest sites to visit in Turkey to catch a sense of the Classical era. 


Many city Turks spend their vacations in the North Aegean, in peaceful seaside communities that come alive every summer. They have no clue why international visitors appear to overlook the North Aegean, but they are content to maintain it as Turkey's best-kept coastal secret for the time being.


For ideas on things to do, then these are highlights of Pergamum to enjoy your journey.






Troy is often regarded as the Troy of Homer's Iliad and is one of Turkey's most well-known ancient ruins. Whether or not it is the Troy of the Trojan War mythology, the multi-layered, meandering remains here reveal a complex history of habitation, abandonment, and reoccupation dating back to the early Bronze Age.


The city walls and defenses are largely intact, as are the vestiges of a palace, megarons (Mycenean hall complexes), and homes, as well as later Roman-era sanctuary and Odeon monuments. The modern Troy Museum, one of Turkey's top museums, is just down the road from the Troy site.


The enormous and conscientiously curated collection inside tells the story of Troy, from its earliest occupation to the modern era, including the mythology surrounding the site; the controversial and damaging excavations of early archaeological work here; and the story of the missing cache of gold, silver, and copper artifacts (known as Prium's Treasure), which were unearthed at the site and illegally smuggled out of Tualatin.


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